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Car Park Current Occupancy Capacity Available
Akenside Hill Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne Faulty 14
Algernon Road Shields Lane, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne Faulty 52
Angel of the North Angel of the North, Durham Road, Low Eighton, Gateshead Faulty 30
Argyle Street Argyle Street, Newcastle upon Tyne Faulty 56
BALTIC BALTIC, South Shore Road, Gateshead 15%
71 60
Back Regent/Walker Terrace Back Regent/Walker Terrace, Gateshead Faulty 59
Bank Foot Metro Bank Foot Metro Station, Station Road, Kenton Bank Foot, Newcastle upon Tyne 1%
62 61
Beacon Centre Saville Street, North Shields Closed 423
Beaconsfield Grand Parade, Tynemouth Closed 182
Bensham Hospital Bensham Hospital, Fontwell Drive, Bensham, Gateshead Faulty 164
Bridges Roof Top High Street West, Sunderland Closed 221
Brierdene The Links, Whitley Bay Closed 244
Callerton Parkway Metro Callerton Parkway Metro Station, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne 0%
192 191
Cauldwell Avenue Caudwell Avenue, Monkseaton Closed 61
Central Library Car Park Catherine Street, South Shields Closed 40
Charles Street Charles Street, Gateshead 22%
27 21
Church Street Church Street, Gateshead 4%
43 41
Civic Centre Multi Park Lane/Cowan Terrace, Sunderland Closed 391
Civic Centre Park Lane/Cowan Terrace, Sunderland Closed 630
Claremont Road Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne Faulty 225
Claypath lane Claypath lane Faulty 0
Copwell Park Chopwell Park, Marx & Lenin Terrace, Chopwell, Gateshead Faulty 20
Coronation Crescent Coronation Road, Monkseaton Closed 25
Coronation Street Coronation Street, Wallsend Closed 40
Cross Keys Lane Cross Keys Lane, Low Fell, Gateshead Faulty 95
Dean Street Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 51%
257 125
Derwent Park Derwent Park, Burnopfield Road, Rowlands Gill, Gateshead Faulty 75
Dukes Walk The Links, Whitley Bay Closed 43
Dunston Park Dunston Park, Dunston, Gateshead Faulty 6
East Boldon Metro East Boldon Metro Station, Station Road, East Boldon 20%
75 60
Eldon Garden Eldon Garden, Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 7%
449 415
Eldon Square Eldon Square, Percy Street, Newcastle upon Tyne Closed 497
Ellison Place Ellison Place, Newcastle upon Tyne Faulty 126
Eslington Park Eslington Park, Bolam Street, Teams, Gateshead Faulty 63
Fellgate Metro Fellgate Metro Station, Durham Drive, Fellgate, Jarrow 37%
54 34
Felling Metro Station Felling Metro Station, Sunderland Road, Felling, Gateshead Faulty 20
Four Lane Ends Interchange Four Lane Ends Interchange, A188 Benton Lane, Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne 4%
475 454
Garden Street Oakwellgate, Gateshead Faulty 17
Gateshead Civic Centre Gateshead Civic Centre, Arthur Street, Gateshead 0%
450 449
Gateshead Coach Park Gateshead Coach Park, Oakwellgate, Gateshead Faulty 11
Gateshead College Gateshead College, Quarryfield Road, Gateshead 3%
226 218
Gladstone Terrace Gladstone Terrace, Gateshead Faulty 90
Gosforth Shoppping Centre off St Nicholas Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle Faulty 100
Grainger Town Grainger Town, Waterloo Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 2%
410 401
Grand Parade (Blue Reef) Grand Parade, Tynemouth Closed 80
Great North Park, Park & Ride Newcastle Upon Tyne Closed 500
Harbour View Marine Walk, Sunderland Closed 129
Heworth Interchange (Long Stay) Low Heworth Lane, Heworth, Gateshead 0%
413 411
Heworth Interchange (Short Stay) Heworth Interchange, Shields Road, Heworth, Gateshead Faulty 64
Interchange Centre Interchange Centre, A184, Gateshead Faulty 229
John Dobson Multi John Dobson Multi Faulty 0
John Street John Street, Wallsend Closed 34
Kingston Park Metro Kingston Park Metro Station, Brunton Lane, Kingston Park, Newcastle upon Tyne 2%
95 93
Low Lights Clifford Fort, North Shields Closed 78
Lowrey's Lane Lowrey's Lane, Low Fell, Gateshead Faulty 105
Manors Manors, Trafalgar Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 0%
484 483
Metrocentre (Blue) Metrocentre Blue Mall, Scotswood View, Gateshead Faulty 1,899
Metrocentre (Coach & Car Park) Metrocentre Rail Station, Riverside Way, Gateshead Closed 1,014
Metrocentre (Green) Metrocentre Green Mall, St. Michael's Way, Gateshead Closed 1,366
Metrocentre (Red) Metrocentre Red Mall, St. Michael's Way, Gateshead Closed 2,879
Metrocentre (Yellow) Metrocentre Yellow Mall, Scotswood View, Gateshead Faulty 2,339
Mill Road Mill Road, Gateshead 4%
283 269
Newcastle Civic Centre Newcastle Civic Centre Faulty 0
Norfolk Street Norfolk Street, North Shields Closed 67
Northumberland Park Metro Northumberland Park Metro Station, Algernon Drive, West Allotment, Newcastle upon Tyne 0%
405 404
Old Town Hall Old Town Hall, West Street, Gateshead 3%
53 51
Oliver Henderson Park Oliver Henderson Park, Wirralshir, Leam Lane, Gateshead Faulty 104
Oxford Multi Oxford Street, Newcastle Faulty 139
Park Road Park Road, Whitley Bay Closed 34
Pipewellgate Pipewellgate, Gateshead Faulty 30
Priors Haven Pier Road, Tynemouth Closed 81
Quarryfield Road Abott's Hill, Gateshead Faulty 555
Quayside Multi City Road, Newcastle Closed 499
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead Faulty 550
Ravensworth Park Ravensworth Park, Cowen Gardens, Allerdene, Gateshead Faulty 33
Regent Centre Interchange Regent Centre Interchange, B1318 Great North Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne 0%
183 182
Regent Court Regent Court, Charles Street, Gateshead Faulty 116
Sage Gateshead Sage Gateshead, Brandling Street, Gateshead 0%
285 283
Saltwell Park Saltwell Park, East Park Road, Gateshead Faulty 83
Sea View (Oxford Street) Oxford Street, Tynemouth Closed 58
Silverlink Park Silverlink North, West Allotment Closed 32
South Shore Road South Shore Road, Gateshead Faulty 113
St Marys Island (North) St Marys Island, Whitley Bay Closed 140
St Marys Island (South) St Marys Island, Whitley Bay Closed 64
St Marys Multi St Marys Boulevard, Sunderland Closed 50
Stadium of Light Metro Stadium of Light Metro Station, A1018 Newcastle Road, Sunderland 1%
182 179
Sunderland Road (Tynegate) B1426, Gateshead Faulty 34
Swinburne Street Swinburne Street, Gateshead 5%
57 54
Team Valley Retail Park Team Valley Retail Park, Tenth Avenue West, Team Valley, Gateshead Faulty 1,180
The Links Mini Golf The Links, Whitley Bay Closed 24
Trinity Square Trinity Square, Lambton Street, Gateshead Faulty 736
Upper Camden Street Upper Camden Street, North Shields Closed 31
Watergate Forest Park Watergate Forest Park, Whickham Highway, Lobley Hill, Gateshead Faulty 110
Whickham Shopping (Long Stay) Whickham Shopping Centre, Rose Villa Lane, Whickham, Gateshead Faulty 105
Whickham Shopping (Short Stay) Whickham Shopping Centre, Rose Villa Lane, Whickham, Gateshead Faulty 97
Whitley Road Whitley Road, Whitley Bay Closed 21
Other Car Parks (without occupancy sensors) Capacity
Algernon Road Shields Lane, Byker Newcastle 52
Atkinson Terrace Atkinson Terrace, Wallsend 24
Barnes Street Barnes Street, Hetton-Le-Hole 38
Barnes Street Church Barnes Street, Hetton-Le-Hole 8
Belle Vue Street Belle Vue Street, Cullercoats 22
Blandford Square Blandford Square, Newcastle 43
Booth St Booth St 0
Boughton Street Tunstall Road, Sunderland 56
Bridges Multi High Street West, Sunderland 760
Brinkburn Crescent Brinkburn Crescent, Houghton-Le-Spring 86
Brookside Terrace Valebrooke Avenue, Sunderland 19
Castle Farm Castle Farm 0
Charles Street Charles Street, Sunderland 28
Charlotte Street South Shields 153
Chicken Road Chicken Road, Wallsend 12
Close Swing Bridge Close, Newcastle 38
Co-op Multi Stowell Street, Newcastle 247
Coach Lane Coach Lane, Newcastle 122
Coach Road Estate Coach Road Estate, Washington 56
College Street College Street, Newcastle 73
Commercial Road off Corporation Road, Sunderland 65
Cross Villa Place No.4 Cross Villa Place No.4, Newcastle 11
Denmark Centre Car Park Anderson Street, South Shields 120
Denton Park CSC, Library & Pool West Denton Way, Newcastle 52
East End Pool & Library Potts Street, Byker, Newcastle 99
Eden Terrace Eden Terrace, off A182, Shiney Row 16
Elemore Lane Elemore Lane, Easington Lane 5
Elswick Mill Lane, Elswick, Newcastle 31
Fatherly Terrace Front Street, Colliery Row 25
Forth Banks Skinnerburn Road, Newcastle 21
Friars Friars Street, Newcastle 11
Front Street Front Street, Cullercoats 16
Garden Lane North Garden Lane, South Shields 75
Gate Stowell Street, Newcastle 247
Gorse Road Gorse Road, Sunderland 54
Gosforth CSC, Library & Pool off Regent Road North, Gosforth, Newcastle 59
Hancock Street Hancock Street 0
Harbour Drive North River Drive, South Tyneside 20
Harbour Drive River Drive, South Tyneside 120
Hawthorn Gardens Hawthorn Gardens, Whitley Bay 19
Heywood's Court High Bridge, Newcastle 8
Hillheads Road Off Rink Way, Whitley Bay 90
Lakeshore West Bailey East, Killingworth 20
Lakeside Centre Southgate, Killingworth 125
Leazes Park Richardson Road, Newcastle 21
Leazes Park Road Leazes Lane, Newcastle 50
Livingstone Road St Marys Boulevard, Sunderland 157
Manor Road Manor Road 0
Marine Walk Marine Walk, Sunderland 60
Market Street Market Street, Hetton-Le-Hole 31
Merchants House Close, Newcastle 23
Mile End Road South Tyneside 0
Mill Dam South Shields 172
Morden Street Morden Street, Newcastle 105
Morgan Street Morgan Street, Sunderland 39
NUFC Stadium Multi Barrack Road, Newcastle 100
Newcastle Airport off A696, Woolsington, Newcastle 99
Nile Street Nile Street, Sunderland 49
North Promenade Sea Road Sea Road, South Tyneside 122
Northumbrian Way (North) Northumbrian Way, Killingworth 60
Northumbrian Way (South) Northumbrian Way, Killingworth 65
Ocean Road Ocean Road, Sunderland 20
Osborne Terrace Osborne Terrace, Jesmond, Newcastle 29
Oyston Street South Shields 95
Painter Heugh Painter Heugh 0
Park View Park View, Hetton-Le-Hole 5
Phoenix Chase Phoenix Chase, North Shields 48
Pier Head Sea Road Sea Road, South Shields 273
Pier Parade Sea Road, South Shields 60
Planet Place Planet Place, Killingworth 8
Playhouse Marine Avenue, Whitley Bay 85
Prince Bishops Prince Bishops, High Street, Durham 400
Riverside Riverside, Framwellgate Waterside, Durham 265
Salem Street Car Park (short Sta South Shields 34
Salters Road Salters Road, Gosforth, Newcastle 27
Sandgate Sandgate, Newcastle 56
Sandyford Square (Civic Cente) St Marys Place, Newcastle 71
Saville Place Saville Place, Newcastle 42
Saville Street Euro Carpark South Shields 86
Sidegate Sidegate, Durham 130
South Promenade Sea Road Sea Road, South Shields 150
Spanish Battery Pier Road, Tynemouth 51
Speculation Place Spout Lane, Washington 151
St Anns St Anns Street, Newcastle 14
St Georges Sandyford Road, Newcastle 139
St Hilda Street South Shields 35
St James Metro St Andrews Street, Newcastle 74
St James Strawberry Lane, Newcastle 50
St James Street St James Street, Newcastle 15
St Nicholas Avenue off St Nicholas Avenue, Gosforth, Newcastle 70
Stadium of Light Stadium Way, Sunderland 1,146
Station Road Station Road, Houghton-Le-Spring 90
Stoddart House Stoddart Street, Shieldfield, Newcastle 42
Stratford Close Citadel East, Killingworth 55
Sunniside Multi William Street, Sunderland 653
Tatham Street Tatham Street, Sunderland 94
Terrace Place South Terrace Place, Newcastle 64
The Crescent Station Square, Whitley Bay 50
The Gates The Gates, North Road, Durham 204
The Parks Howdon Road, North Shields 145
The Sands The Sands, Freemans Place, Durham 130
The Waves The Links, Whitley Bay 112
Thomas Street Car Park William Street, South Shields 50
Trow Quarry Promenande South Shields 305
Village Lane Village Lane, Washington 52
Walkergate Metro Benfield Road, Walkergate, Newcastle 24
Walkergate Walkergate, Freemans Place, Durham 498
West Wear Street West Wear Street, Sunderland 40
Westbourne Terrace Westbourne Terrace, off A182, Shiney Row 30
Wreath Quay Road Stobart Street, Sunderland 19